Current Situation and Objectives

The failure over multiple decades to secure significant portions of the approximately 1,950 mile Mexican-American frontier has enabled foreign nationals and illicit goods to cross unhindered into the United States. The lack of a border between the two countries, compromising their respective sovereignties, has contributed to the rise of a population of over eleven million unauthorized foreign nationals in the United States. A mere thirty thousand of these illegal aliens are currently being held in already overflowing immigrant detention centers there, reflecting the state’s limited ability not only to house but also to apprehend, process, classify, assimilate, and/or deport individuals residing without official sanction on the sovereign territory of the state.

Responding to an increasing political will to secure the Mexican-American border and to identify, process, and either deport or regularize unauthorized foreign nationals, the Mamertine Group has conceived a prison-wall along the border between the two countries. Articulating the 1,950 mile Mexican-American border, the prison-wall will secure and control the flow of people and goods across the border and provide humane facilities to house, process, and either assimilate or deport existing and future unauthorized foreign nationals apprehended by authorities in the United States.

The Prison-Wall