The Mamertine Group conceived a 1,950 mile prison-wall along the Mexican-American border to house, process, and assimilate or remove approximately 11 million undocumented foreign nationals.

Imagined as a continuous, self-sufficient city with shopping, health care,  residences for prison staff, and other facilities required to sustain life, the impenetrable prison-wall, underwriting the integrity and sovereignty of the United States, duplicates the nation it protects from the outside.

The Mamertine Group had the privilege of collaborating with Estudio Pi, a forward-looking Mexican design firm, on architectural renderings of the prison-wall. The cross-border collaboration produced a design that echoes Luis Barragáns’ emblematically Mexican pink walls. Working under the art direction of Leonardo Diaz-Boroli of Estudio Pi and Hassanaly Ladha of the Mamertine Group, the intern program at Estudio Pi developed images of the structure in various border landscapes (hills, the desert, a border crossing over a river, a city, and the urban landscape of Tijuana), floor plans, and iconography.

We hope that the visuals will allow the public to imagine the policy proposal in all of its gorgeous perversity.

The  Prison-Wall