Publications and Lectures

“Hegel’s Werkmesiter: Architecture, Architectonics, and the Theory of History” October, MIT Press:139, Winter 2012, 15-38

"Les Fondations de la pénsée arabe: l'architecture entre la littérature pre-islamique et le Coran," Invited guest lecture at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris, May 2016

"L'État et le droit: La récupération du droit musulman,” Invited guest lecture at the École Normale Supérieure, Paris, May 2016

“Hegel and the Postcolonial State: Aesthetics, Subjectivity, and the Idea of Freedom,” Delivered at the University of Connecticut Humanities Institute, February 2016

“Islamic Law and Critical Legal Theory: Agency, Violence, and the Postcolonial Subject.” Invited lecture given at the American University in Cairo, May 2014.

“The Caliph’s Tower: Mallarmé’s ‘Method of Langage.’” “Literary Texts: The Power and the Possible” conference at Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, May 2013.

 “African History. Architecture, Language, and Freedom in Tchicaya and Hegel.” Invited lecture at the University of Connecticut, January 2011.

“Le Chiasme et la forme chez Mallarmé: ‘Le Démon de l’analogie’ avec le ‘sonnet en –yx.’” Invited lecture at Harvard University, May 2011.

“’Obsession’: Baudelaire’s Interiorities.” Harvard University, March 2010.

“Hegel’s Memnon: Architecture, Poetry, and History.” Presented at the ACLA panel, “Beyond Jena: Literary History After Kant,” March 2009.

“Nacreous Frames: From Mallarmé’s Orient to Hart Crane’s Caribbean.” Presented at the Alphabetics conference, Harvard University Humanities Center, April 2003.